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Onze van oorsprong Engelstalige Wiki wordt momenteel vertaald naar het Nederlands.

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The Waze Wazeopedia consist of the Global Wiki and Wiki's targeted to local communities. The Dutch Waze community has here its own Wiki, which serves as the rulebook for our country. With the help of these standards and guidelines the map maintenance can be done in an uniform manner.

Changes are logged on the Wiki updates page.

For tips and remarks regarding our Wiki use the Slack group #team-wazeopedia or this forum page.


  • A Main Page with an introduction and links to long reads like for instance the Quick start guide
  • The terms used in the articles will link to pages with in-depth descriptions of these terms.
  • Besides the regular article pages there is an Index to support easy access to the information.
  • Each article page starts with the topline template and ends with the bottomline template.


  • The base version of each article will be entered in English.
  • The base version will be used to translate these pages into Dutch and others.
  • More on translation see the Wiki Translation page.

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