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Many interactive maps use basemaps including third-party data (such as ESRI transportation). DO NOT rely on basemap data for street name or route information. Contact a State Manager with questions/concerns.


Road type

Please review the USA Functional Classification page and the FC Quick Reference Chart for details on this topic. In rare cases, a particular road may require a different type than prescribed in the national guidance. Before changing the type of any road past the bounds of the rules, please post the situation to the Maryland Forum to receive feedback. Maryland resources can be found in the following links:

Road names

Use these state-wide maps for the names and numbers of Interstate, US, and State highways. They also include the names of many local roads.

In addition to the Census Designated Places that Maryland uses for the City Layer, there are 157 incorporated municipalities. See the Cities and Towns section for Incorporated Cities boundary files to use as WME Map overlays.

Links for Addresses

  • MD Finder -- From the Layers list select "Parcel Points." Type in the full address (Street, City) then add "Parcel Boundaries" and/ or "Six-Inch Imagery." Click on the green "parcel point" to view address information.
  • MERLIN (from MD Dept. of Planning) -- Enable the 'Parcel Data' layer. Click on the green "parcel point" to view address information. Additionally, you can find numerous satellite imagery imagery options at the bottom of the layer list.
  • WME GIS Layers (script) -- This script will add GIS layers to WME for states and counties that provide a public ESRI/ArcGIS interface.
  • WME US Government Boundaries (script} -- Displays Zip Code Boundaries, Counties and Time Zones.

Counties and cities

Use these maps for the names of local roads and smaller streets not identified on the state maps. Some also provide house numbers. The most efficient method for determining which resource to utilize is to install the WME GIS script.

Parking lots

Official sources that often contain the best available information on public parking.