User:Hbiede/Profiles History

Sick of having to change multiple AM table entries after a rank promotion or an area expansion? Want to create a one stop shop to adjust your AM table entries? You’ve come to the right place. First, navigate to

and create the page. From there, paste in the following and adjust to fit your needs:


[[User:Hbiede/Profiles|Read the tutorial to setup your own inclusion template]]

{{AM/Editor|Username|Editor Level|Area Managed|Other Comment|badge1=...}}

Then include the following in an AM table of your choosing (Warning: modifying the Profile page can have a delay before displaying as it requires the state pages’ caches to clear before updating)


The current results below are what is displayed when including Hbiede/Profile

HBiede(5) [PM [Help]] Profile L5.png Nebraska and Western Montana Badge StateManager.pngBadge AreaManager.png
Nebraska State Manager

You can include multiple badges in the profile. The options for badges are as follows (Note: the first badge listed affects the color of the table row):

  • rc = regional coordinator
  • gc = global champ
  • lc = local champ
  • m = mentor
  • mgc = global champ mentor
  • mlc = mentor local champ
  • cm = country manager
  • sm = state manager
  • lam = large area manager
  • am = area manager
  • mr = mapraider (only designed for use in MR team lists)

“gho=NAME” can be included at the end to display your name (as it is displayed on Google Hangouts) and “pic=File:FILENAME” to include a profile image.

Different Comments for Different Occasions

Lets say you want to have two different comments for different tables (ie. I have my Nebraska entry say "Nebraska State Manager" and my Montana entry say "NWR-PLN Collab/NE SM"). This can be accomplished via transclusion sections. For a simple setup of 2 options, follow the below example:

{{AM/Editor|Username|Editor Rank|Editing Area|{{#ifeq:{{{transcludesection|SECTIONNAME}}}|SECTIONNAME|Comment if SECTIONNAME|Comment if not SECTIONNAME}}|badge1=...}}</onlyinclude>

This allows you to include "|transcludesection="SECTIONNAME"" to display "Comment if SECTIONNAME" while any other section name will display "Comment if not SECTIONNAME". Warning, ifeq returns true (in this case, displays “Comment if SECTIONNAME”) if no transcludesection is included in the embed statement. For the not section to be displayed, a transcludesection must be included with a different value from the condition(s).

For a more complex example, where you can have 3+ comments, use the following:

{{AM/Editor|Username|Editor Rank|Editing Area|{{#ifeq:{{{transcludesection|SECTIONNAME}}}|SECTIONNAME|SECTIONNAME Commment}}{{#ifeq:{{{transcludesection|SECTIONNAME2}}}|SECTIONNAME2|SECTIONNAME2 Comment}}|badge1=...}}</onlyinclude>

Additional #ifeq sections can be included to fit your needs. The previous warning applies here as well. If no transcludesection is included on the embed statement, all sections will display.