User:Imper1um/Overhaul/User Manual/Waze Client/Turn-By-Turn Navigation/Gas Prices/Stations History

Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul A new feature to Waze is the ability to search for Gas Stations and the lowest price to purchase Gas from. This system also allows other Wazers to report Gas Station Prices for points.

Searching for Gas Stations

From the main menu, tap the Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Menu Button, then tap the Navigate ((Navigate Button 20px)) button. You can also pull the Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Menu Button to the right). From Navigation, tap the Categories ((Categories Button 20px)) button.

Then select Gas Station from the list. Here, you will see all of the Gas Stations near you. Note that you can change the search engine by sliding up the bottom and selecting another search engine, but you will not be able to see the Gas Prices, only the Gas Station locations.

((Screenshot of Gas Stations))

If you tap the Map button, you can see icons of Gas Stations around you, and their prices.

Reporting Gas Station Prices

When you are within sight of a Gas Station, you can report a Gas Station's prices. From the main menu, tap the Report ((Report Button 20px)) button, then tap the Gas Prices ((Gas Prices Button 20px)) button. In this menu, select the name of the Gas Station you are reporting, and it will show you the current prices.

((Current Prices Screenshot))

If the prices are accurate, select Yes, otherwise, you can click No, or tap the price that is inaccurate. Input the current price (the thousandth place is automatically assumed to be 9), and click Send on the top right.

NOTE: You are not required to change all four prices. If you don't know all four prices, just simply tap another price or click Send to submit all that you know.

Submission Length

Generally, you must be within sight of a Gas Station to report prices. Since Waze records the location and time of where you are when you click the Report ((Report Button 20px)) button, you might need to wait until you are closer to click the Report ((Report Button 20px)) button before your requested Gas Station appears. If you are having GPS issues (accuracy >50m), you may not be able to report.

Re-Submitting Gas Station Prices

As a general rule, you should wait 24 hours before reporting Gas Station Prices again, unless they change. Repeated reports will reduce the points you get for reporting Gas Station prices.

Gas Station Options

To access the Gas Station options, tap the Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Menu Button, then tap the Settings ((Settings Button 20px)) button. From the settings menu, select Gas Stations.

Preferred Station

The preferred station allows you to choose the station you wish to visit first. If you select a Preferred Station, it will be listed before any of the others.

Preferred Gas Type

By default, Preferred Gas Type is Unleaded Regular. If your car requires different fuel (such as high end vehicles, or semi-trailers), you can change the Preferred Gas Type. On the search menu and search map, the gas prices that are displayed will be for your Preferred Gas Type.

Sort by

By default, the Gas Station list is sorted by Price, and secondarily by Distance (if not using the Waze search engine, or Gas Stations have the same Price). Changing this will change the default sort.