User:Imper1um/Overhaul/User Manual/Waze Client/Turn-By-Turn Navigation/Remembered Destinations History

Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul As you use Waze, it will start to learn your habits. This come across as Remembered Destinations.

Route Learning

As you drive on Waze, it will begin to learn your favorite routes. Like to avoid a highway that is known to be packed during your time? Simply start turn-by-turn navigation to your destination and just drive the route you want. Waze will recalculate your route multiple times, but after a while, it will begin to understand your route, and will start routing to those streets. This may take as many as 20 drives, but as little as 5 drives, depending on your schedule and consistency.

Destination Learning

When you stop the Waze program, it will collect the last GPS point in which you turned it off. If you do not have a programmed favorite to a destination you visit usually, it may suggest you add the point to your favorites, and if you travel to this destination consistently, Waze may suggest automatically to route to the destination without your intervention.

Advantages of Auto-Learning

While Auto-Learning may be very simple during the first few weeks of use, it will eventually start to understand your route, and your habits. While Turn-By-Turn Navigation is active, it can also change routes to avoid serious traffic complications during user reports.

Turning Auto-Learning Off

To turn off Remembered Destinations and Auto-Learning, tap the Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Menu Button, then tap the Settings ((Settings Button 20px)) button, then scroll down and select Advanced. From here, you can uncheck Auto-learn routes to frequent destinations.