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This page is to document work-arounds or “Practices of Last Resort”.

Address Problems

Address not Accepted

In House Numbers in WME you will find error described as "Number already exists: House number already exists somewhere on the same selected segments. This means that somewhere in the state there is another segment with the same house number, primary street name, and primary city name combination".
Finding the duplicate number at times can be difficult. Check for:

  • Number hidden behind number - you may have to move each number slightly to check.
  • Check for segments not highlighted. When you Edit HNs, WME may not select the entire street - City match, Speed match, and others. Check connecting segments that were not open for edit but may have number out of order.

Distance from Street

WME will not allow House Numbers or Residential Point Places to be placed far from the street segment to which it should be linked. The following are some scenarios with acceptable work-arounds only as a last resort.

Long Shared Private Driveway

When more than one residence shares an un-named long private driveway and not a recognized named private street, it can create several problems. Order of the House Numbers may not be intuitive as the residence behind could have a number not expected. The WME will not allow House Numbers or Residential Point Places beyond 100 feet from the connected segment.

  • First work-around is create a private road for the private driveway or edit the existing and name as the same named local street. Attach the House Numbers to the private street extension.

Save Failure

Like address above, look for duplicate problems - maybe even attached to wrong street.

See also

Closure Problems

Closure Cannot be set Pending Updates

Closures can be complicated by pending tile updates for changed segments. A common mistake to create a small segment for a closure is to attempt to divide a long segment to minimize the closure. Once a segment is changed, a closure cannot be set because of the pending segment has not been released by tile updates.

  • A work-around can be accomplished by using 2-way restrictions effectively closing the street.

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Road Problems

Road segments appear as different roads

  • Check all details: City, Alt, Speed, Direction, etc

Speed Limits Not Matching

Sometimes the speed limits not matching is hidden as internal back-end data rounding Try:

 in the driving direction
 select one, it says 55
 select the other, it says 55
 select both, it says nothing (as it does when multiple segments with non-matching speed limits are selected)
 that indicates that one "55" is not the same as the other "55"
 so while both are selected, type in 55, then you can delete the node.

Script Solutions

Wide Angle Lens

Use to scan areas for problems. I was able to find 4 places in St Tammany that had City name ending with a period. Find name ending in period [a-z]+\.

Street Name Contains number \d

Tile Updates

TU Problems

Tiles do not always update as expected. The process generally takes 10+ update cycles. See Map Tiles