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Please see for specific guide to mapping cameras in Washington: Washington/Cameras

Here is the current list of mapped cameras in Washington

RRC Alerts in NWR

National Guidance for RRC Alerts is currently in development.

Attempting to provide a consistent user experience and decrease "nuisance" alerts, the State Managers of NWR have agreed upon the following:

♦Any crossing where the rails have been removed and/or paved over should not have an alert regardless of gates or warning devices still in place.
♦Any crossing marked out of service by mutcd standards (https://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/htm/2009/part8/part8b.htm) should not have an alert. (This includes "tracks not in service" signs and the removal/hooding/etc of gates and warning devices.)
♦Any crossing where the rails still cross the pavement and has signs/gates/warning devices in place should have an alert, even if the removal of rails/track at another location renders the crossing in question impossible for a train to reach - for a consistent user experience there should be an alert at any crossing that appears legitimate to the driver.