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Private Roads

Forest Service Roads

When editing USFS roads, please review the Waze Wiki standards on Forest Service Roads

Gravel / Dirt Roads 4x4 Trails

Montana follows the following functional classification for Gravel and Dirt Road /4x4 trails.

Gravel USFS-level3a.jpg Functional Classification
Local/Not Mapped  Street 
Minor Collector  PS 
Minor Arterial  Minor 
Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail USFS-level2b.jpg Functional Classification
Local/Not Mapped  Off-road / Not maintained 
Minor Collector  Off-road / Not maintained 
Minor Arterial  Off-road / Not maintained 


Please follow the following guidelines for Private Driveways. Wiki standard can be found here. Driveways

Mapping rural diveways

  • If an address/location cannot be reasonably guided to without a private drive, it can be added.
  • Single house at the end of a 1mi (1609m) private drive, and that's the only house, it probably isn't needed.
  • If it's 5 houses at the end of a single shared 1/4mi (402m) long private drive, it probably is needed.
  • If it's a house at the end of a 500m (1640 ft) long private drive which is right up against another street from which you cannot access the address (stop point will be on the segment closest), then a private drive is probably needed. Per AlanOfTheBerg guidelines

Discussion can be found in the NW Montana section of the forums.