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Welcome to the Texas Style MapRaid. You have signed up for a MapRaid in rural Texas. This was designed with one two goals in mind: to clean up the rural part of a large state while helping you gain experience as a low ranking editor. This raid is designed to help you gain the knowledge of making decisions and looking for the minute things which help Waze route people more efficiently.

Texas is not following the national functional classification system. Instead, it is following the 100% changeover to functional classification. That means a US Hwy which is classified as a minor arterial is a minor highway. All primary streets you come across can be locked at a rank 3. Minor and major highways, you can leave locked and ask a Texas SM to lock them down.

Basemap Roads

Roads such as those in the image can be deleted. They are basemap roads which are not needed on the map.


Most places in the small towns will be gas stations and schools. To find out information about the school, please Google your respective county name with "ISD" after it. If you are editing in Andrews County, Googling "Andrews ISD" would be what you type to find the schools in the county. A lot of Independent School Districts to spill over into surrounding counties, so it may be beneficial to check the next county over, especially for those towns closer to the border.


Username Area Managed Comments Forum PM
US South Central & US Territories Regional Coordinator Based out of Miami, FL born/lived/travelled through most of Texas


jasonh300 US South Central Regional Coordinator Based out of New Orleans, LA


pjlasl North Texas Based out of Weatherford PM
ctpoole Austin PM
jstrangfeld DFW Metroplex PM
karlrc9911 Longview PM
randcon Houston PM
shadoh DFW Metroplex PM