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Mapping Resources By State





Beginning Editors

Where To Start

Specifically regarding how roads are named, and text-to-speech functionality within the Waze Map Editor and client application.
It is recommended that one get oriented with the forum, as it is a large source of information for editors of all levels of experience.

NOTE: You can see your "recent editing activities": "//" & "editor name" in your browser (e.g.

Editor Hyperlink.png

Alternatively, you can click on the editor's hyperlink after selecting a segment edited by that editor.

What are map tiles and how do they work? What types of edits trigger a tile update and which do not.
Includes discussion on median segment names.
Also useful with update requests.


Where editors of all ranks and experience within the Southeast Region can communicate, share tips, and ask for advice.
Read these forum instructions before requesting a road to be unlocked in the Waze forum.


This form can be used to report advertising place points that are incorrectly placed (among other things).

Intermediate Editors

Editing Practices

Includes discussion on when to divide and un-divide roads.
Includes functional classification table and segment types.



Before loading scripts, consult with a senior editor on their application. It is usually best to not load multiple new scripts at the same time. Instead, learn how one functions before going to the next. Note that you are responsible for all your edits. Whether a script identified and suggested the edit or not is irrelevant. Improper use of any script - may lead to demotion or loss of editing privileges.

Advanced Editors



For map damage, please contact a state manager directly and immediately. For all other issues, if after you message the editor and submit this form they do not correct their edits, please contact the state manager.