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TowerFire36 is a Level 5 Waze editor based out of Iowa, born and raised in the tri-state area of IA/SD/NE. TowerFire36 is currently the State Manager for Iowa, but started as an editor mainly for all of IA, the East River area of SD, and the Northeast area of NE along with the Omaha Metro area. He was also a small Area Manager for Northeast Missouri for a while.

Originally, TowerFire36 joined Waze and became a Waze editor simply to help monitor and help add/change/delete road closures at Big Sioux River crossings along the IA/SD border. He has since become a very active editor and contributor and really enjoys making meaningful and progressive changes to the navigation experience for drivers in the areas he travels.

TowerFire36 can be reached on Discord.


Level 1 Editor: June 2019 (started editing)

Level 2 Editor: June 2019

Level 3 Editor: July 2019

Level 4 Editor: November 2019

Level 5 Editor: April 2020

AREA MANAGER: September 2019 - Northeast Missouri

STATE MANAGER: April 2020 - Iowa

Map Raid Participant:

Kansas/Missouri - 2019

Alabama/North Florida - 2019