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Walking trail


Walking trail (WT) is one of the non-drivable road types. Walking Trails are used for all 'roads' where cars are not able to drive but that can be a destination. Normally these are pedestrian areas.

Alsways connect Walking Trails. They can be routable (considered for routing), Waze will stop routing at the start of the WT, where the Wazer should ideally park and finish on foot. Connecting can be done using a phantom node

Notice that this road type should only be applied in the following situations:

  • There are houses or other destinations along the segment (house numbers)
  • The segment is relatively long and separated of the normal road (so this can be used as a reference / landmark)

For leading users to and from a parking lot place, Pedestrian Boardwalks were used. Because of a bug this isn't working anymore: you should use now Walking Trails.

 Major Highway 
 Minor Highway 
 Primary Street 
 Narrow street 
 Parking Lot Road 
 Private roads 
 Walking Trail 
 Pedestrian Boardwalk 


Street City Lock
Pedestrean area
1 (3)

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