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Community Meetup Locations link to this section

In addition to this Wiki, you can also access more information or get help related to Waze by contacting members of the local community on social networks.

Various communication channels are available to you ...

Waze Forum

Waze has an Official Forum channel utilizing the phpBB platform as a discussion arena among members of the Waze community from around the world. Any kind of Waze-related topics will be discussed here.

40pxAccess to the Official Waze Forum (Global)
40pxAccess to the Official Waze Forum (Malaysia)

It should be noted here that global communication is generally in English. However, there is also a special forum in Bahasa Malaysia.

40pxAccess to the Official Waze Forum (Malaysia) - Bahasa Malaysia

Social Media Network

You can also follow and participate in Waze community activities on major social media networks:

40px Access to the Unofficial Page of Waze Malaysia on Facebook

40px Access to the Unofficial Account of Waze Malaysia on Twitter

40px Access to the Waze Malaysia community group on Facebook

In addition, there is also a special Facebook group for members of the community from the Borneo archipelago (WP Labuan, Sabah, Sarawak & Brunei).

40px Access to the WazeBORNEO community group on Facebook

Chat Window on the Waze Map Editor (WME)

For map editors, there is a special window on the bottom of the interface of the Waze Map Editor that has built-in instant messaging feature (called Chat) to quickly exchange messages for anything related to editing. You can find more information in the Editing wiki section.