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Place categories

The Place categories used in Waze are not always directly applicable to the BeLux, for they are global categories. At this time, it is not possible to adapt these categories to local customs. Waze has several major categories, which includes quite a number of subcategories.

If you choose a main category within WME, you automatically get to see the sub-categories to choose from. It is also possible to directly type in a category. If you cannot find an applicable sub-category, just use the main category. Categories that require special handling are described briefly in this section. A complete list can be found in the table below. It also lists the keywords that can be used in the app to search for the category.

This overview shows the categories used for the Waze Places. It shows examples, lock levels and search strings (scroll to the right of the table). Also, there is an indication to the use of a Point or an Area Place. Area Places should have a minimum area size of 500 m2 (e.g., 50m x 10m) to be visible in the client's display.

Parking Lot

Sub-category Type Locking Name Remarks
Parking Lot area 2 Name

Car Services

Gas Stations area 3 (or more depending on the route where the station is located) VL: {Brand} {Name}
WAL: {picto} {Brand} {Name}
Example (not real): Main name: ⛽️ Shell VanPé (this name can be found on the brand's website) as an alternative ⛽️ Shell Nandrain (locality name if different from the official name).
Garage / Automotive Shop point {Brand} {Name} Technical inspection, Tire center, Independent garage, Body Shop. Official brand, choose dealer
Car Wash point {Name}
Charging Stations point 3 {Provider} {MaxPower} ({Amount} Essent 20kW (2)


Airport area 3
Bridge area Use only to represent a named road bridge with local or navigational significance.
Bus Station area {Location} {Name} Liège - Terminus STIB
Ferry Pier area
Junction / Interchange area Junction {Name} Place du Tilleul
Seaport / Marina / Harbor area
Subway Station point {City} {Station Name} Amsterdam Sloterdijk
Taxi Station point
Train Station area Station + station name Station RAI, Station Rotterdam Centraal
Tunnel area {Tunnel Name}

Professional and public

For public buildings or services such as fire departments, town halls and the like, we set the location of the name after the name, e.g., Stadhuis Antwerpen. For Organisations that have several locations, specify the location after a hyphen, after the general name of the organisation, e.g., UZ leuven - campus Gasthuisberg.

Cemetery area
City Hall area {Municipality} local name use
College / University area
Conventions / Event Center area
Courthouse area
Doctor / Clinic point Use this category for non-urgent medical care. See for urgent medical care Hospital / Medical Care
Embassy / Consulate point
Emergency shelter point
Factory / industrial area
Fire department area {City} {department}
Government point Only large ones are Area
Hospital / Urgent Care area Hospitals, First Aid Posts and other places that offer emergency aid. Use Doctor / Clinic for non-urgent medical care.
Information point point
Kindergarten point
Library point {City} {location}
Military area
Offices point
Organization or Association point
Police Station area {City} {department}
Prison / Correctional Facility area
Post Office point
Religious Center point Churches are often well recognisable and can be drawn as Area
School area

Shopping and services

Arts and Crafts point
ATM point Geldautomaat {Brand} Geldautomaat SNS Bank, Geldautomaat ING Bank, Geldautomaat ABN Amro
Bank / Financial point {Brand}
Bookstore point
Car Dealership point {Brand} {Name} In case there is a gas station, use Gas Station as the primary category
Car rental point Rental-car facilities and returns, including at airports, should be marked as a Point with the “Rental Car” Place category. If the return location is a normal Parking Lot, then mark it with the Parking Lot category and the building with the Car Rental category
Convenience Store point AH to Go, Kiosk
Currency Exchange point
Department Store point De Bijenkorf
Electronics point
Fashion and Clothing point
Flowers point
Furniture / Home Store area
Gifts point
Gym / Fitness point
Hardware Store point Gamma, Karwei
Jewelry point
Laundry / Dry Cleaning point
Market area {City} {Location}
Music Store point
Personal Care point
Pet Store / Veterinarian point
Pharmacy point
Photography point
Shopping Center area
Sporting Goods point
Supermarket / Grocery point {Brand} {Location} Albert Heijn, Arkendonk, Lidl, Aldi
Swimming Pool point solely public swimming pools
Toy Store point
Travel Agency point

Food and Drink

Bakery point
Bar point
Coffee shop point
Dessert point
Fast Food point McDonald's may include drive-thru, then draw Parking Lot Road
Food Court point Can be used for a caterer or a wholesaler
Ice Cream point
Restaurant point {Name}

Culture and Entertainment

Art Gallery point
Casino point
Club point
Game Club point
Movie Theater point
Museum point
Music Venue point
Performing Arts Venue point
Racing Track area
Stadium / Arena area
Theme Park area
Theater point
Tourist Attraction / Historic Site point If the place functions as a landmark it may be represented as an Area Place.
Zoo / Aquarium area


Construction Site area Construction sites are not necessariliy mapped but it may be useful for editors checking roadworks under way. Ask your Country Manager in case of doubt.


Bed & Breakfast point
Camping / Trailer Park area
Cottage / Cabin point
Hostel point F1 hotel Waalwijk; Used for Motels and Inns in the BeLux.
Hotel point


Beach area
Golf Course area
Park area
Playground point
Plaza area
Pool area
Promenade Probably not used in the BeLux
Scenic Lookout / Viewpoint point
Ski Area area
Sports Court area

Natural features

Farm point Farmlands should never be mapped as areas. Editors should remove farmland areas immediately.
Forest / Grove area
Island area
River / Stream area Use only if water itself is visually obvious to drivers on nearby roads. Do not map if not visible from nearby roads. Features under approximately 20 meters wide will not be visible in the app.
Sea / Lake / Pool area Use only if water itself is visually obvious to drivers on nearby roads.
Canal area
Swamp / Marsh area
Dam area


  • WME Split POI script This script adds a button to the WME that allows you to split or cut Places from the category Natural Features into two, keeping the specifics. Can be used for all Natural Features like Island, Sea/Lake/Pool, River/Stream, Forest/Grove, Farm, Canal, Swamp / Marsh, Dam
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