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Community Levels


For your career in the Waze Belux Community it is important to participate on Slack and on the Forum. For starting editors it is important to add questions, while higher level editors are ready to answer them, explaining, helping out.

Upgrade requests are typically performed by mentors or community managers. If you think you are eligible, get in contact with you mentor or a community manager close to you.

Each next level

  • comes with extra responsibilities (participating in the Community)
  • comes with extra possibilities (for instance access to specific forum and Slack channels.
  • is linked with a more map editting knowledge
  • comes with a bigger editable area
  • comes with authorization to edit extra road types

Novice editor (level 1)

Every editor starts on level 1. On this level you're able to change 60 to 90 percent of the roads in your neighbourhood: local streets and you're able to add and update most point of interests.

Apprentice editor (level 2)

Level 2 can be requested if the answers on the following questions are positive.

  • You did already some edits?
  • Do you actively participate in the Belux Community?
  • You know where to find information on the Wiki?

Prerequisites for a request:

  • Having read carefully the Quick start guide.
  • At least a number of quality map updates approved by a mentor.
  • Be visible and interact on slack. For example: get at least 10 meaningful interactions on slack (or the forum) such as: requests for help, lock/unlock requests, closure suggestions, improvement suggestions, ...

What is extra (compared to level 1):

What is expected from you:

  • Read the Advanced Guide
  • If you wish, you can get a personal mentor (L3+).

Area Manager (level 3)

Prerequisites for an Area Manager (AM) are:

  • Be an active member of the Belux Community
  • Read carefully the Advanced Guide
  • Being accepted by the L3+ community as a constructive, regular editor that understands all common editing techniques and is able to manage most request in a known area.


  • You can become an Area Manager by requesting an area.
  • You get a Region Manager (RM) as coach.


  • Follow up on road works
  • Act on Closures
  • Coaching starting editors
  • Be available for your RM coach
  • Execute small assignments.

What is extra (compared to level 2):

Region manager (level 4)


  • You are a proven experienced editor
  • You are an active member of the Belux Community


  • Request to become a RM by sending a PM to one of the Country Managers.
  • Or on request of a Country Manager.

What is expected from Region Managers:

  • Coaching Area managers
  • Contribute to the comms in the community
  • Be able to handle projects autonomously
  • Regularly contribute something that you feel like doing, according to ability
  • Approach your local authorities for collaboration

What is extra (compared to level 3):

Country Manager (level 5)


  • In consultation with Country Managers and Champs

What is expected from you:

  • Coaching and monitoring Region Managers (L4)
  • Processing L5 Unlock Requests [UR]
  • Status reporting to Global Champs (L6)
  • Make clear arrangements for Country Managers and Region Managers
  • Fulfil activities on request of Global Champs.
  • Coordinate, lead and/or assist on special projects.

What is extra (compared to RM):

Global Champ & Community Leaders (level 6)

L6 Wazers are in direct contact with several people in the Waze organisation.
They communicate the interesting news to the Community.
L6 Wazers have access to the international Global Champs forum.

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