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| [[District of Columbia]]
| [[District of Columbia]]
| State Hwy xxx
| DC-295
| County Hwy xxx
| N/A

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This table identifies the specific naming conventions used for the various highway types for each state in the Unites States. Details of the naming convention is on the road naming page.

All interstate highways (freeways) are named the same across all states, so they are not included in the table below.

The state names are linked to the respective wiki page that provides specific editing guidelines (and other information) for that state. If the state link is red, there are no specific guidelines for that state yet. If you actively edit in that state consider creating that page and providing information to other editors in your state.

State State Highway/Route
County Highway/Road Township Highway/Road
Alabama SR-xxx CR-xxx
Alaska State Hwy xxx County Hwy xxx
Arizona SR-xxx CR-xxx
Arkansas State Hwy xxx County Hwy xxx
California SR-xxx
(currently under discussion)
Colorado SH-xxx
(SW Forum) &
(CO Forum)&
(CO Forum)
Connecticut SR-xxx N/A (Wikipedia)
Delaware SR-xxx (Forum)

N/A (Wikipedia)
District of Columbia DC-295 N/A
Florida SR-xxx CR-xxx
Georgia SR-xxx CR-xxx
Hawaii SR-xxx CR-xxx
Idaho State Hwy xxx County Hwy xxx
Illinois SR-xxx CR-xxx
Indiana IN-xxx
(TTS="Indiana xxx")
When signed "County Road xxx"
Iowa IA-xxx
(TTS="Iowa xxx")
Kansas K-xxx
(TTS="kay xxx")
County Hwy xxx
Kentucky KY-xxx
(TTS="Kentucky xxx")
Louisiana LA-xxx
(TTS="Louisiana xxx")
Parish Rd xxx
Maine State Rte xxx County Rte xxx
Maryland MD-
(TTS="Maryland xxx")
County Hwy xxx
Massachusetts SR-xxx N/A
Michigan M-xxx
(TTS="emm xxx")
Minnesota MN-xxx

(TTS="Minnesota xxx")


(TTS="County Road xxx")

Mississippi MS-xxx
(TTS="Mississippi xxx")
Missouri MO-xxx (Primary numbered)
(TTS="Missouri xxx")
State Hwy xxx (Sec lettered)
cnsd. SH-xxx
Montana State Hwy xxx County Hwy xxx
Nebraska N-xxx
(TTS="Nebraska xxx")
(TTS="Nebraska Link xxx")
(TTS="Nebraska Spur xxx")
(TTS="Nebraska Recreation Road xxx")
Nevada NV-xxx
(TTS="Nevada xxx")
New Hampshire SR-xxx County Hwy xxx
New Jersey NJ-xxx
(TTS="New Jersey xxx")
New Mexico SR-xxx CR-xxx
New York NY-xxx
(TTS="New York xxx")
(TTS="County Road xxx")
North Carolina NC-xxx
(TTS="North Carolina xxx")
N/A (Wikipedia)
North Dakota ND-xxx
(TTS="North Dakota xxx")
County Hwy xxx
Ohio SR-xxx CH-xxx (limited use) & CR-xxx TH-xxx (limited use) & TR-xxx
Oklahoma SH-xxx CR-xxx
Oregon State Hwy xxx County Hwy xxx
Pennsylvania SR-xxx na
Rhode Island RI-xxx N/A
South Carolina SC-xxx
(TTS="South Carolina xxx")
S-##-xxx (secondary roads)
CR-xxx# (county routes)
South Dakota SD-xxx
(TTS="South Dakota xxx")
Tennessee TN-xxx
(TTS="Tennessee xxx")
Texas SH-xxx CR-xxx
Utah SR-xxx CR-xxx
Vermont VT-xxx
(TTS="Vermont xxx")
Virginia SR-xxx < 600 & 785 & 895, VA-xxx > 600
(TTS="Virginia xxx")
Washington SR-xxx CR-xxx
West Virginia WV-xxx CR-xxx
Wisconsin WIS-xxx
(TTS="Wisconsin xxx")
Wyoming State Hwy xxx County Hwy xxx

Note: Some states are in the process of considering a change and may be designated with cnsd.

If you are an editor for a particular state that feels your state should consider a different format than you see above, please come to the US forums and select the sub-forum region for your state. In that sub-forum start a discussion around making a change to the naming convention for your state and tell the reasons why you think it should be done. Once consensus is reached the change can be made here.

General discussions on this page can be found in this thread.